This is so exciting! Affective landscapes of running research project starts, and from now on for at least three years I will delve into questions of runners’ everyday experiences of the environments in which they run. You may have noticed that the language of the first blog post is Finnish. I decided to change into English for the simple reason that the topics and the questions of the project concern wider audiences than just the Finnish speaking part of the world. The rest of this post will repeat the short intro to the project and the blog that was originally published in Finnish.

Individuals have their own motivations and habits for running in green environments and they have distinct ways to choose specific routes and places to run. Yet people are not atomistic individuals who would not share something in common about running environments. After all, people share common perceptual apparatus, the body, and we also share cultural ways of doing, feeling and sensing things. By identifying distinct ways of doing running in green environments and commonalities in them, this research project produces knowledge on the meanings of different environments in recreational running and on the ways that those environments facilitate health and wellbeing.

The blog will tap into these themes from different perspectives. I will write about the research process and discuss preliminary findings and ideas. The blog will also provide a platform bring up literature, both academic and fiction, that deals with the themes of perspectives of the research.